a company is only as good as its personnel and its management


Trust is the foundation of a successful business relationship.
Experience shapes the future if young and old work together.
We are proud of the healthy mix of both.
For three generations, it has still meant "to bring benefits".
The vision of a world used technology drives us forward.
And we look forward to new challenges and keep learning.

the iSoKlick team

Markus Sommer, CEO iSoKlick Holding GmbH

Senior Executive Officer

Markus Sommer
Monika Sommer, CPO iSoKlick Holding GmbH

Chief Production Officer

Monika Sommer
Walter Sommer, CTO iSoKlick Advise GmbH & Co. KG

Chief Technical Officer

Walter Sommer
Stefani Raabe, CAO iSoKlick Advise GmbH & Co. KG

Chief Administrative Officer

Stefanie Raabe
Zuzanna Pobihuszka, CAM iSoKlick Advise GmbH & Co. KG

Chief Assistant Manager

Zuzanna Pobihuszka
Jakub Fital, CDM iSoKlick Advise GmbH & Co. KG

Chief Departmental Manager

Jakub Fital
Mikolaj Pobihuszka, CLM iSoKlick Advise GmbH & Co. KG

Chief Logistic Manager

Mikolaj Pobihuszka
Stephan Sommer, CPM iSoKlick India

Chief Production Manager

Stephan Sommer
Florian Sommer, CEO iSoKlick Holding GmbH

Junior Executive Officer

Florian Sommer



iSoKlick Holding GmbH
Cranger Strasse 277

45891 Gelsenkirchen




S.M. Auto engineering Pvt. Ltd.
12, Bhosale Nagar,
Pune – 411 007



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Stephan Sommer